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Michael Jackson Collection Released for Xbox Live Avatars

Do you like to dress your Xbox Live avatars? If so then you may be interested in this new pack of clothing based around Michael Jacksons work.

The packages include very stylish garments that will enhance the look of your avatar regardless of whether you’re a Michael Jackson fanatic or not. Though, these packs is probably more appealing to those who are fans, as opposed to those who are not.

The clothing packs are in celebration of the upcoming game by Ubisoft, Michael Jacksons: The Experience, and feature outfits from all of his memorable video clips. These items and prices are listed below.

  • Beat It Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Billie Jean Live Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Black or White Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Leave Me Alone Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Smooth Criminal Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • They Don’t Care About Us Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Thriller Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)
  • Thriller Girlfriend Outfit (400 Microsoft Points)*
  • Bubbles Avatar Prop (240 Microsoft Points)

*Thriller Girlfriend Outfit is only available for female Xbox LIVE Avatars.

Be sure to check out the official website for more information.

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