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Konami at Comic-Con 2011 Fan Events Detailed Hideo Kojima Signing

During Comic-Con 2011, Konami will be holding a signing for esteemed video game creator Hideo Kojima. You may know his works, as they are incredibly popular. Titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Zone of The Enders are attrributed to this legend in game design. The Signing will take place between 1:30PM and 3:30PM, on Thursday the 21st of July, and will be located in meeting rooms 16AB. Hideo Kojima will not be alone however, as he will be joined by Yoji Shikawa, head of the Art Department at Kojima Productions, as well as Yumi Kikuchi, a talented Japanese actress and voice of Raging Raven.

Konami will also be hosting a Cosplay competition, which arte always popular at any convention, which is likely to bring out the best and most attractive of cosplays. The Cosplay contest will be held on the Saturday between the times of 11AM and 2PM. Judging will be held from 12PM to 2PM. So be sure to check this event out, or if you’re cosplaying, take a chance and enter!

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