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Kirby Wii now labeled as “Kirby Returns to Dream Land”..

When “Kirby Wii” was officially announced back at E3, the only thing that missing was an official name. Over at Comic-Con today, that question was officially put to rest as a Nintendo representative told Siliconera that Kirby Wii is now named “Kirby Returns to Dream Land”.

Seeing how this game is taking Kirby back to his platforming, enemy absorbing roots, I can’t think of a more perfect title for the game and just about anything beats out the rather bland “Kirby Wii”. I am now a bit curious if this title will be a successor to Kirby’s Dream Land rather than a follow-up to Kirby 64 (which the game closely resembles). Now all we need is a proper release date and we should be good to go, as Kirby Returns to Dream Land is still labeled for release sometime later this year.