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Good Works Systems Footpedal Macro Device detailed

The Fragpedal Quad PC Gaming Footpedal from Good Work Systems is a device that functions in conjunction with a players mouse. Essentially the device is able to remember pre generated combinations to assist players in games.

Can’t be bothered learning your Mutilate rotation, no problem, record a preset and you’re good to go! The Quad Fragpedal device is essentially two dual pedals connected by a thing and allows you to use both feet in place of your standard control scheme and take your gaming to new heights.

Here are some choice quotes on the operation of the device –

Maximum Programmability and Intelligence
Program your Fragpedal with any keyboard or mouse action, combination, or sequence. Plus, use IDI™ Smart Button™ capabilities to fire different actions on press and release, taps and holds, and more! Then, assign Smart Buttons and macros to your keyboard keys! Build up to 30 configurations, housing each of your control schemes designed for different games, play styles and applications, and switch automatically when you play the game.

You can’t kick ass if you don’t use your feet
If they’re good enough to drive a car, you know they can drive your game.

• Fire weapons with your feet!
• Zoom with your feet!
• Cast spells with your feet!
• Control movement with your feet!
• Scroll with your feet!

Four individually-adjustable buttons, two on each pad.
Adjust pedal resistance by raising or lowering the flexible pedal. Adjustable in 5 steps. Keep the pedals low for hair-trigger response, or raise them up for tactile feedback and a distinct press. Or, move the pedals left or right (5 spacings) for a wide or narrow stance

Be sure to check out the official site for more information on these devices.

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