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While the 3DS has caused a little bit of trouble lately for Nintendo, causing a law suit against the company, Nintendo could be in a little bit more strife with this announcement from mobile gaming giants Gameloft. Owners of Android devices with 3D capabilities are in luck, with Gameloft announcing that they will be releasing 17 3D titles in total for Android devices. Currently there are 6 games out with 3D capabilities: N.O.V.A 3D, Let’s Golf 2 3D, Asphalt 6 3D, Assassins Creed- Altairs Chronicles 3D, Avatar 3D and GT Racing 3D. Like the Nintendo 3DS, these titles work without the use of 3D glasses, and unlike a lot of titles that are released for mobile gaming devices, some of these games are pretty big titles. At the moment these games are starting at $4.99, which isn’t too bad for 3D Assassins Creed if you ask me. Obviously we will have to wait and see what sort of impact this has on the portable 3D gaming market, but I am sad to say it doesn’t sound like great news for Nintendo. The former mentioned titles are currently available at the Gameloft Store.

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