Excitebike 3D Gets Priced for the eShop…

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If you have checked the 3DS eShop as of late, you may have noticed a newly added price-tag on Excitebike 3D. As of July 7th, the once free 3D remake is now $5.99(US) from this point forward. This kind of update isn’t huge news by any means as Excitebike was only free for the first month of the eShop, but what it does imply is a set pricing range for the future 3D Classics that the handheld’s download service will see in the future.

The 30 day free period was certainly nice to have, but I honestly can’t say I have played Excitebike more than twice since downloading. I am a bit curious of what the future will hold for 3D Classics however and also if the more popular first party titles will be priced like those of the Game Boy Virtual Console (for instance: Alleyway is $2.99, while Super Mario Land is $3.99). Either way, now we can just wait to see what is next and hopefully Nintendo will start sending out the big-hitters soon.

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