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Blades of Time teaser released; Ayumi wears pants

You may remember back in June we learned of the existence of Blades of Time which is a more or less sequel to the 2009 action adventure title X-Blades. This time around however, Ayumi is a little bit older and she has been transported to Dragonland which is a worldruled by a demonic creature that kills anyone who shows up there. Ayumi will use her sword and magic abilities to defeat this demon before it eliminates her.

Ayumi will also have a time control function that is named “time rewind” that allows her to assist herself in previous fights or leave items in the past to help solve puzzles. The mechanic certainly sounds interesting but certainly needs a video to show it in action. Instead we have a teaser trailer released today by Konami that shows only a small snippet of gameplay, but hey at least Ayumi is wearing pants in this game.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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