Apple finally adjusts App Store pricing for Australia

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Australian’s have long lamented the fact that the Australian iTunes app store pricings are not equal or cheaper than the US iTunes app store despite our currency being worth equal or in some cases more than the US’.

Thankfully Apple has recognised this grave injustice and have rightfully lowered Australia app store prices, with some apps becoming equal priced to their American counterparts.

For a comprehensive list of pricing changes refer to the list below displaying the previous price compared to it’s current price:

  • $1.19 apps to $0.99
  • $2.49 apps to $1.99
  • $3.99 apps to $2.99
  • $4.99 apps to $4.49
  • $5.99 apps to $5.49
  • $7.99 apps to $6.49
  • $8.99 apps to $7.49
  • $9.99 apps to $8.49
  • $11.99 apps to $9.49
  • $12.99 apps to $10.49

Most of these prices now match the American app store with only a few exceptions (higher priced games). This is definitely great news for Australian’s disappointed in the previous app store pricing.

We Australians at Capsule Computers have all given of a sigh of relief, whilst MasterAbbott began dancing about screaming “About f**king time Apple!” What do you think of this development? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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