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Anonymous up to their old tricks

Hacking group Anonymous are back in business, perhaps messing around with the wrong people as they threaten to release secret NATO documents instead of the promised News of World emails. “We think actually we may not release articles from the Sun”, read a recent Anonymous tweet. Their reasons included compromising a current court case. LulzSec on the other hand are in talks with certain media outlets giving them exclusive access to many News of the World emails they possess.

Earlier this week there were multiple arrests across the US, UK and the Netherlands involving many group members in direct raids led by the FBI. Both groups were adamant that no amount of arrests would see them back down and stop their online criminal activities. LulzSec tweet reads “Arresting people won’t stop us FBI. We will only cease fire when you all wear shoes on your head, that’s the only way this is ending”.

These guys seem pretty full on as we know from their previous exploits on multiple companies both in and out of the gaming sector. Whatever their motives they are clearly incredibly talented with little to no fear of authority. Perhaps it’s because they are where they believe they are out of sight or simply because they firmly believe in what they stand for. While I agree with many of their arguments there are better and more effective ways to deal with the issues. When it’s all said and done and many pawns are sitting in jail cells, none of them will be of any significance.

Anonymous went further to announce hacking into the defence pact NATO from whom they say they have stolen 1GB of data but will not publish it because they are responsible. Surely not stealing it in the first place is the responsible thing to have done. To prove they have got the documents, Anonymous have posted a NATO document related to communications spending. NATO have condemned the attacks warning of the potential danger from misuse of the information.

Darren Resnekov
Darren Resnekov
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