3DS eShop update for Thursday 21st July

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The Nintendo 3DS eShop is slowly expanding its library of games, with this week’s choices adding three 3DS specific games, as well as a backwards compatible DSiWare game:

-3D Classics Xevious (3DS: Nintendo, £5.40)

-Game & Watch Gallery (3DS Virtual Console: Nintendo, £2.70)

-99Bullets (DSi, 3DS: EnjoyUp Games, £4.50, 500 DSi Points)

-AfterZoom (3DS, DSiWare: Abylight, £4.50, 500 DSi Points)

-Jagged Alliance (3DS, DSiWare: Cypronia, £4.50, 500 DSi Points)

This week’s notable release comes in the form of a remastered Xevious in line with the ‘3D Classics’ scheme which recently saw Excite Bike given an all new perspective.

Will you be picking any of these up?

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