The Sony NGP – The latest news and what will be shown at E3 2011

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Sony recently had some very exciting news regarding the NGP, or, the successor to the PSP. The first is that every single, solitary game released on the PSN for PSP will be playable on the NGP.  PSP titles that never made it to PSN will be left in the cold though.  Boo hoo.

Another announcement that was made concerned the addition of the dual analog sticks to the NGP.  Every game on the PSN that was for PSP will be able to use the NGP’s second stick.  For most, this is prayer finally answered.

“All PSP titles that are currently available on the PSN can be played on the NGP,” VP of product development at SCEA Scott Rohde said. “And they’ll take full advantage of the graphics smoothing capabilities of the system and the controls will be remapped to take advantage of the dual analog sticks.”

Its unclear how much difference the graphic smoothing effect  will have, but lets look forward to it anyway, eh?

The Playstation Blog has recently been abuzz with NGP game previews and videos.  We expect that most of the launch games for the system will be shown off at E3 2011.  These include such games as: Killzone, Uncharted, WipEout, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty, Resistance, Little Deviants, Hot Shots Golf, Reality Fighters, Gravity Daze, Smart As, Broken and Hustle Kings.

In the meantime though, lets take a look at the E3 preview demos for a couple games, starting with Uncharted.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

And now onto WipEout:

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Next, it is time for the next game from Jonathan Mak, the creator of Everyday Shooter.

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I admit that I wasn’t very excited about the NGP when it was first announced.  I was worried that it would merely be another PSP  with a couple of dinky features thrown in.  However, it appears that Sony has FINALLY decided to pull out all the stops and really promote this console.  Hopefully, they continue to do so too, as this may be their last chance at a portable console given the rise in popularity of smartphones.

Sony also said that, ” “We’ll talk more about social connectivity features down the line.  I’m sure you have burning questions on launch date, pricing, 3G data plans, and we’ll be very happy to share all those with you moving forward.”

What are some of the features and ideas your still curious about relating to the NGP?  For example, I know that I want multiple, PSN account features like the PS3 has.   Logging into separate accounts to play games that I bought on different accounts is pain on PSP, but super easy on the PS3. What do you want to see?

For info on what features have already been announced, go here.




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