Sonic Generations Detailed for the 3DS…

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With the recent announcement of a 3DS version on the way for Sonic Generations, Sega have decided to announce what players can expect from the portable version of the game. The 3DS version of Generations will feature “stereoscopic 3D levels”, developed specifically for the handheld as well as an unlockable ‘Special Stage’ that will allow for players to become “immersed in Sonic’s world”. The latest bit of news doesn’t really go into much detail about this special stage, so that is still a question that will probably answered at E3.

“Sonic Generations for Nintendo 3DS will combine brand new technology and twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog videogame heritage” commented David Corless, Global Brand Director for Sonic. “Couple this with the ability to play as both Classic and Modern Sonic and you have the perfect gaming celebration for the landmark anniversary of our much loved mascot”

A streetpass feature for the game was also announced, allowing for players to collect new content and unlock bonus goodies each time they pass another owner of the game. Multi-player has also been added which will allow for two players to battle it out in a versus mode throughout many famous levels of the franchise. As far as story goes, the 3DS version of Sonic Generations will incorporate the same plot as it’s console brethren, with Sonic being pulled back in time due to mysterious power and of course meeting up with the classic and pudgier version of himself.

Next week Sega will without a doubt have the game on display at E3, so check back as when we learn even more for Sonic’s big 3DS debut, we will be sure to keep you up to date. Hopefully the “PC” version will also be detailed as well, so it will certainly be interesting to see what Sega have to say on that release’s behalf as well.

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