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Reel Fishing Paradise 3D lands on store shelves today!

Ever since the 3DS was released there was only one way to play one of the most relaxing outdoor activities in the 3D. I’m talking of course, about fishing. The 3DS itself may come with an AR fishing title, but this pales in comparison with any legitimate fishing title and any fan of fishing knows this. But now you can actually fish to your hearts content because Natsume has just released Reel Fishing Paradise 3D to stores today.

Reel Fishing Paradise 3D is available for only $30 and it will include many different types of fish from bass to tuna, over a hundred different pieces of tackle and three fishing lure styles. Players can venture out into fifteen different fishing locations where they can catch a number of different fish in each area. Hiro Maekawa, president and CEO at Natsume describes these areas as “beautiful” and that the game will allow any player to “immerse yourself in a fantastic 3D experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!”

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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