May’s Mysteries due for DS this Summer

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Mastertronic has today unveiled plans of May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville, a new, hand-drawn puzzle adventure game due for release on Nintendo DS this Summer.

May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville, sees May embark on a charming adventure to find her missing brother. The cute hand-drawn scenes will be home to around 270 puzzles and mini games, spread over 4 worlds and 80 mysterious locations, with players meeting close to 50 different characters along the way.

The mini-games and puzzle will be varied, with 230 brain teasers, 25 hidden object searches, 13 rhythm-action games and many more.

Developers V5 Play say May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville is a 25 hour adventure, featuring seven minutes of full screen animated cutscenes, so this could be a game to look out for if you enjoyed not only the mind-boggling puzzles of Professor Layton, but the intriguing story and unfolding mystery.

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