Jewel Legends: Tree of Life available in stores from today

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The latest match-3 puzzle adventure title in the Jewel series is now available at all good retail outlets for the Nintendo DS, courtesy of publishers Rising Star Games. Jewel Legends: Tree of Life contains over 100 levels with around 32 trophies available for players to accrue.

A magical Tree of Life where time ceases to exist is home to mythical creatures known as the Hods.  However, the incessant greed of a dark demon once damned the Hods to a life of secrecy. Now, a new hope is stirring: Rebuild the world of the Hods and help the Tree of Life attain its former glory using building materials, jewels and other valuables.

This forms the basis of gamplay, with the player switching out adjacent symbols to build rows of three or more of the same symbol. The valuables help you to build luxury structures for the Hods, such as Bath House Blubberpot, the Mushroom Farm and the Fountain of Wonder. Players can also check out bonus game modes and collect trophies.

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