Frogger Leaps into 3D

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Frogger, for his 30th anniversary has decided to come back in three dimensions with Frogger 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. Frogger 3D will feature all-new graphics, new level design and six worlds to explore with over 60 challenging stages. Explore New York, the Far East and even other dimensions.

In Single Player mode, you’ll have to dash, jump and duck past life-threatening hazards. Players will have all new elements and environments to maneuver through as Frogger makes his way up skyscrapers, and even crossing a sushi bar while avoiding predators.
Players can also show off their skills in Street Pass battles where the object is to avoid becoming road-kill by scooting past speeding vehicles zooming along multiple lanes of opposing traffic. In Forever mode, you’ll  get Déjà-vu when looking at the maps but the friendly confines of Frogger’s safety zones are removed. Players will have to progress through infinite boards as they try to attain Frogger immortality and land in the top spot on Street Pass rankings. Players will also be able to change up gameplay by competing in 4 player matches.

First introduced in 1981, Frogger is widely considered a classic and was noted for both its novel gameplay and theme. For more information about Frogger and its 30th Anniversary celebration activities, please visit


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