Crytek Crushes Next Xbox Rumours

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Almost two weeks ago we posted about a new rumor concerning the next generation Xbox fans are currently calling the ‘Xbox 720’. The story was that a “high-ranking” source at the German developer Crytek told that they were currently working on a game called TimeSpliters 4 for the next generation Xbox which Microsoft plans on introducing next year. The source mentioned it was most likely it would be released within the next six months, hinting it would most likely be at E3 next year. Apparently Crytek were using the new CryEngine 3, as well as Microsoft’s DirectX 11 for the development of TS4, because DX11 is apparently the current basis for the next-generation Xbox development.

However, today Crytek has now released a statement to GameSpot saying the company has no knowledge of Microsoft’s future technology, and they do “not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft” and has no clue to when Microsoft will announce plans for the next generation of video gaming.

Crytek didn’t crush the rumour completely however, as they did state that based on their estimates, the CryEngine will be a “next generation engine for all consoles”. as mentioned in the previous post the DX11 patch for Crysis 2 will be released shortly by Crytek, and they stated that they are currently focusing on “pushing the boundaries of what current technology can bring.” So keep an eye out for that, because it may be a taste of what we might graphically get for the next generation Xbox console. Whenever it comes out

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