Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition comes with Bobble Budds if bought from Capcom

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Let it be said that Capcom has officially milked the Super Street Fighter IV namesake to death. Seriously, fans love your games but c’mon there needs to be a line drawn in the sand at some point. With Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition being released not only through DLC but through retail release you’ll have two separate ways to purchase the new content that gives you Evil Ryu and Oni as well as a few other features.

Fans of Super Street Fighter IV can choose to download the Arcade Edition DLC on June 7th instead of buying the separate disc version on June 28th, but if for some reason you have yet to buy Street Fighter IV then you should take a look at Capcom’s store before you make your pre-order because if you do buy the game from them you will also receive Bobble Budds. These Bobble Budds will feature Oni and Evil Ryu and are a nice little feature to have for die hard Street Fighters. Though you can save your money for Super Street Fighter IV Hyper Advanced Arcade Edition Mk. III GOTM (Game of the Millenia) Edition with inflatable Ryu snuggle buddie when it releases next year too… not.

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