Sony standing by their “Welcome Back” game selection

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Yesterday Sony went into detail about their “Welcome Back” package that would offer free games to those affected by the PlayStation Network outage. Sony offered a number of good games, including five PS3 games to pick two from as well as four PSP games to choose from.

Now you can never give something away for free and still see people getting angry about the free things offered to them. I myself was not very impressed with the offers and I was not alone. However Sony has addressed this criticism and apologized to those who either own everything listed or aren’t interested in the games provided.

In a reply to various comments about the offering, Sony’s Nick Caplin responded “I’m really sorry tha there is nothing there that you want. We’ve tried really hard to put together a list of high quality BD games, rather than simply offering cheaper PSN titles. The average metacritic rating for these games is over 84%, so these are high quality games. Unfortunately with a user base of 77m people, it is really hard to offer something for everyone.”

This is understandable as even a voucher system would cost Sony greatly. Though I can see that if Sony did indeed offer a credit system to their users, this would also have given back to the publishers and developers that lost money due to the outage and loss of sales by Sony giving restitution. Oh well, free is free in the end.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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