Engineer Profession Announced For Guild Wars 2

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The latest addition to the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is the engineer profession. This profession is the master of mechanics and gadgets and a swathe of useable devices that will aid them in combat.

The engineer class is only able to use one weapon set at a time, but they overcome this setback by having the ability to set-up turrets, mines and elixer shooters. Each engineer has a range of tools that are used differently, like the backpack and weapons kits, which overtake the primary weapons role and allow them to use different kinds of abilities, like a flamethrower. They can also set up turrets, which are launched throughout the battlefield and can be moved in battle. Lastly, the engineer gets a toolbelt, which grants them extra skill slots and other abilities.

Make sure to visit the GuildWars 2 website for more info.

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