Capcom cut support to Wii, 3DS, huh? What really? You sure???

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I had to laugh after doing this article as it truly shows that you should always read more than one persons account. The main headline that caught my attention was that Capcom were apparently going to “cut support for the Wii and 3DS”. I was a bit upset and bewildered that one of my favourite game developers, (Resident Evil, Street Fighter 2), would part ways with Nintendo, a company they had worked so close with in the past. Only after following the story as far back as an article that didnt list a source, did i see how it had been twisted and turned like a game of Chinese whispers.

What i did find listed on many reputable financial and news sites were some actual figures that while indeed indicating Capcom to be giving the PS3 and XBox 360 more of a focus, their involvement with Nintendo was far from over.

  • PS3: 16 titles, 8 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
  • X360: 14 titles, 4.7 million units (11 / 4.2 million)
  • DS/3DS: 9 titles, 2.4 million units (11 / 1.7 million)
  • PSP: 11 titles, 2.2 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
  • PC/Other: 3 titles, 500,000 units (3 / 500,000)
  • Wii: 2 titles, 200,000 units (5 / 1.4 million)

I think what a lot of people have failed to decipher from these figures is that the 3DS is the only device that Capcom forsee an increase in sales per title with all other consoles and handhelds expecting to see declines. Selling 6.2 million units over 11 titles may actually be more profitable than 8 million over 16 due to production and costs. Look at the PSP which has sales expectations way below the previous fiscal year despite having the same amount of title releases. Expectedly the Wii would be receiving less of a focus than other consoles but this also has to do with console life cycle and the current state of the market. The Wii had huge initial adoption rate and sales have slowly reduced. This could also be a result of the introduction of the Move and Kinect, while the PS3 even by Sonys admission is only now hitting its stride, therefore making much more sense for Capcom to allocate more resources towards. All in all not much has changed and im glad many readers of these other sites with semi-misleading headlines are responding accordingly.

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