Third Blade out now on Apple iPhone

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Korean mobile developer Com2Us today released Third Blade, their newest Action RPG available on iOS devices.

Judging from the screenshots, the game looks gorgeous, and seems to feature some classic RPG gameplay. If that’s the kind of thing you’re after for your iPhone or iPad, look no further! With a long line of popular mobile games behind them – RPG and otherwise – Com2Us’ latest release should be a good portable RPG experience.

The company describes the game as follows;

“Wading through a gorgeous but mysterious forest, you start to grow uneasy. As you and your companion go deeper into the woods, you are overwhelmed by an onslaught of monsters, who get progressively more vicious and complicated. But you’ve got tricks of your own up your sleeve: three weapon styles including dual wielding, one-handed blade, and an enormous ‘buster’ sword!”

They also list features such as levelling up skills and weapons through three tiers, performing combos, and fighting various enemies across 28 battlefields. It all sounds like a standard role-playing game. But it looks so damn pretty! With an art style like that, as long as the gameplay is solid, it will resonate with plenty of people.

Try it out if you’re into RPGs, and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for our review.

Click here to buy it now!

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