Sega Unleash Trailer for a New Sonic title…

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With it being Sonic’s 20th anniversary this year, Sega seem to be finally ready to get the party started as a brand new trailer was released on the blue mascot’s official Facebook page showing a bit of new footage from what appears to be a brand new title. Now the clip is under the name of Sonic Generations so I can I really can see that name being used for this new game as it fits this trailer perfectly. I could be wrong on that and this may just be the first look at Sonic The Hedgehog: Part 2, but I am inclined to believe otherwise for now.

In the actual trailer, we see the current version of Sonic the Hedgehog racing through the Green Hill Zone and he is soon joined by a 3D 16-bit version of himself (which honestly looks amazing by the way). Of course this trailer is going to now stir up some curiosity of just what this game is, but I am thrilled it seems everytime I see a new game announced for Sonic as he is still one of the most loved mascots in videogame history. We do however know that at the end of the clip, it does mention that this title is slated for 2011 and will be headed to the XBLA & PSN. So for now, sit back and enjoy this 50 seconds of greatness below. We will keep you updated as Sega eventually spills a bit more information out over time.

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