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Recently Nintendo launched it’s latest gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS upon the world. This means that many people are using the device frequently; most of them with the 3D effect in place. However, in some users, the 3D effect can be known to cause headaches and other related symptoms. Nintendo’s advice is to stop playing if you feel any of them.

There is now an alternative to this headache reaction caused by the device in the form of ‘Hed Saver Cooling Patch for Nintendo 3DS’. The device comes in the form of cooling patches that one places on their head to reduce the temperature of their head, reducing the ache.

Hed Saver Cooling Patch Description
There is no doubt that the Nintendo 3DS is a great device with ground-breaking features and state of the art technology. It is the first mobile games console to be able to display truly impressive 3D display without the need of glasses, and has an impressive range of launch games making it once of the best selling console launches! However, despite how great it is, the 3D display (as with all 3D displays) has been known to cause dizziness and headaches amongst some users. This can be extremely uncomfortable meaning that you have to actually take a break from playing on the new 3DS! GamingZap has now come to the rescue with the Hed Saver Cooling Patch, specifically designed to relieve you from the headaches and dizziness that can be caused by the 3DS.

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Note: This *May* be an April fools prank, but it also *may* not be. It’s hard to tell with this stuff on this date.

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