Nintendo Offers a Price Drop for Wii Party & Wii Sports Resort…

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While this isn’t huge news, it might interest those who have yet to pick up either Wii Party or Wii Sports Resort as Nintendo have now decided to lower the MSRP by $10, making each $39.99. This isn’t a huge drop by any means, but considering that Wii Party comes with a bundles in Wii Remote with Motion Plus and Sports Resort comes with the Motion Plus attachment, it certainly might make those who have been on the fence with either make the plunge.

Wii Sports Resort as it stands has already sold 10.7 Million units so this cut in price is sure to make that number rise even more throughout the year. As for Wii Party, since it just debuted last holiday season a drop comes as a bit of a surprise as most first-party Nintendo titles keep their value for years, so ten bucks off is definitely something and makes this title nearly free if since the Wii Remote values at $39.99 by itself.

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