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Nintendo 3DS and PSP nearly tied for sales in Japan this week

Now we usually don’t report about sales statistics of various game systems from different countries around the world. If we did that would be all that you actually would read on the site probably. Regardless, though the Nintendo 3DS has just been released worldwide and made major sales, Japan has had the hand held for over a month now. The interesting thing about this is that, while the 3DS is currently in the lead for sales in the 3DS the PSP is actually only a few hundred sales behind it this week.

The calculated week ended on March 27th and the Nintendo 3DS pushed out 50,710 sales in that week while the PSP managed to sell 50,479 as reported by Gameindustry. Now the boost in sales for a handheld that has been out for many years can be credited to the fact that Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection was just released in Japan but it is still interesting to see an older handheld nearly topple a brand new device. Obviously the disasters in Japan have effected everything and the price of a PSP is cheaper than a 3DS but perhaps Nintendo needs to reevaluate their marketing/development.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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