Guilty Gear Isuka available now at DotEmu!

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Feel like playing a retro game on your PC? How about a fighting game that was created by Arc System Works? Now Arc System Works is most currently known for its work on the BlazBlue titles but before that they created a very long running fighting game series known as Guilty Gear. Back in 2004 they released Guilty Gear Isuka in Japan and now you will have a chance to play it thanks to DotEmu bringing it to life on the PC for fighting fans to have access to.

DotEmu is known for bringing retro games back to life and they have done so again by providing Guilty Gear Isuka for only $5.99 for US purchasers and €3.99 in Europe. Guilty Gear fans will not be able to turn away from this classic game that allows four fighters to enter the battle at the same time if you choose to fight with your friends against computers or feel like taking two on one. They have provided a trailer for Guilty Gear Isuka which you can see below. If you feel like buying Guilty Gear Isuka you can do so at DotEmu’s website.

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