Dead Rising 2 content goes on sale for this weeks Xbox Live deals

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Nobody says you can’t catch a break once in awhile when the zombies are trying to eat your flesh. Sure you may be a bit more worried about becoming one of the undead but hey, hat least you saved a couple of bucks. That is the case with this weeks Xbox Live Marketplace deals as both Arcade games of Dead Rising 2 are on sale for 50% off and two skill packs are also on sale for half off.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero places the player before the events of Dead Rising 2 in a prequel and Dead Rising 2: Case West brings Frank West back to the party with co-op action in events that take place immediately after the end of Dead Rising 2. Both of these games are stand alone products which means that you do not need the original Dead Rising 2 disc if you want to play them. The Psycho and Soldier skill pack however, require Dead Rising 2.

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