Cooking Mama 4 Headed to the 3DS this October..

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Mama had herself a busy year last year while taking up crafting and babysitting, but it looks like she is set to return to her cooking roots this fall. As how leaks typically happen these days, a listing on has revealed Cooking Mama 4 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Each Cooking Mama title usually adds in some kind of new gameplay ingredient to the series, so it will be very interesting when Majesco eventually fill us in on with some news on what to expect with this new title. I personally can easily see the series move to 3D as well as take advantage of the handheld’s new features. For now though all we can do is wait and stay tuned as that date could very just well be a placeholder, but for you 3DS owners who want the cooking guru now, you are in luck as Mama has posted her Mii for all of you to download on the official Facebook Page. Just scan the code below into your 3DS and enjoy, and while your at it don’t forget to “Like” the page to keep up to date on all of Mama’s news and happenings.

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