Club Nintendo of Japan Gets Giant Augmented Reality Card as a Reward…

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It looks Japanese residents who are members of Club Nintendo are in for quite a treat as a giant Augmented reality card has now been listed as a new reward available for redemption. The card itself is two-sided and has the ability to produce a Giant Mii as well as a life-sized Mario which comes on the other side. As you see in the picture above, the final result looks amazing and should be awesome for some nice photo-ops.

Augmented reality cards have a ton of potential and this alone gives me hope we will be seeing even more in the future from this nice little add-on that the 3DS delivers. Now we just need to see something like this put in our Club Nintendo shops rather than Wii-Mote straps or a deck of cards. Not that the straps and cards are not nice as they do make for great gaming swag, but personally I prefer items I can use to better enhance my games in general, such as the couple of exclusive WiiWare titles that Nintendo of America have listed as rewards for Club Nintendo in the past. You never know though, with the way Club Nintendo has been improving as a whole over the past year, it could be very possible to see more AR rewards listed (looking at you…Nintendo of America/Australia/Europe).

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