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Black Ops Escalation DLC Pack leaked by retailer for May release

Nothing like getting your current secret project outed by a retailer way ahead of when you wanted to announce it. It seems to happen a lot these days but regardless of the mistake itself, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be getting a new pack of DLC maps. The leak itself was from Australian retailer GAME and contained information about the Escalation Pack of DLC that will be released on May 3rd for the Xbox 360 with a PC and PS3 release later on.

Honestly the news of more download content for Black Ops is not a surprise because, let’s face it, they will probably release at least one more in the future. But what is interesting is that this advertisement, which has since been removed but snagged by VG247, contains a bit of information about what we can expect from the Escalation Pack. There will be four maps as well as a zombie map for your $15 and they will apparently take place in a zoo, hotel, convoy and a stockpile with the zombie map not getting any extra information. It certainly seems like they are trying to keep things fresh with the DLC maps at least. They could even have a tiger kill someone in the zoo or something to help spice things up.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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