Are you leet at Sniping?

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If anyone remembers at little game called Sniper Elite from 2005, then this follow up to the succesful simulator will probably excite you. Sniper Elite, an action/adventure game is being released on the Wii this June. It’s a tactical shooter set in the Battle of Berlin in 1945. It’s based on sniping (more like camping!), which puts you in the shoes of an American OSS agent, Karl Fairburne, disguised as a German sniper, with the objective of obtaining German nuclear technology before the Soviet NKVD does.

Intense storyline aside, the accessory (picture below) included with the game looks crazier and is the whole reason I wanted to show it off. It has options for enabling realistic ballistics, such as bullet drop, wind strength and breathing while attempting to fire. A game a like this wouldn’t be complete without bullet-time and it just happens to be included. The accessory (may look suss in your lounge room) is made by Bluemouth Interactive, the top distributor of gaming accessories across Australia and New Zealand. I may be getting the chance to review this game and look forward to updating you on the success or failure of my camping skills. Whether or not the game will see a major graphical overhaul is unknown, but hopefully this is the case.

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