Aksys Press Release Theatre Boasts on the successes of 999…

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Last year, DS gamers were treated to one of the most well written and intense titles of 2010, that being Aksys Games “9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors” which gave a riveting story of escape and threw in a bunch of top notch puzzles to create a truly one of a kind experience. It seems Nintendo Power were also aware of this title, and rewarded the game with “Best Story/Writing” for their 2010 Nintendo Power Awards.

As a proud parent should be, Aksys are proud of this accomplishment and have put together a press release for this accolade. Instead of a boring text document though, the company treated us to “Aksys Press Release Theatre” with a host who truly delivers this news to the public in the best fashion imaginable. Check out the clip below to watch this greatness unfold, and if you have yet to pick up a copy of 999 yourself, you really should get on that as well.

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