Two Tribes Wants Your Game Ideas

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The developers over at Two Tribes received their 3DS dev kits a few months ago, they want fans to pitch some ideas, and anything is possible they say. If you’re a budding game designer, this looks like a good chance to flex your talent towards the open door.

The 3DS was just released in Japan and kicked off with a bang, selling around 400.000 units on it’s release. In a few months, a download service will be added for 3DS players to purchase new games from. Since Two Tribes games are digital distribution only, the prospective game will be through this service.

Two Tribes are uncertain of what the audience for Nintendo’s 3DS will be like, so they’re adopting an approach of experimentation, which is always good for the industry. The download service may also end up being a good incentive for purchase if it pushes out the goods for the new platform. The details about what will happen if they pick you idea are sparse, but I guess you’ll just have to submit an awesome idea to find out!

As a result of Two Tribes brave experiment, they’ve posted the question on their site “What should we make for 3DS?” There’s already alot of comments for suggestions, you can check it out on their blog here and post your idea. If there isn’t a suggestion about a Charlie Sheen game already, I’m sure there will be soon.

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