Turtle Beach’s new product is pretty cool

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Turtle Beach has long been known to gamers for producing some pretty damn good products.  However, they have just announced a new product that may change audio in gaming forever.

Simply put, Turtle Beach is sending a kit to developers that will allow them to  customize sounds to their games and provide a whole new way to experience video games.  These custom presets will be coded to control “every parameter in the PX5’s internal Digital Signal Processor, allowing detailed control over the microphone, chat and game sound.”  Once these have been created, they will be available to download onto a PX5 headset via USB.

Microphone, chat and game channels can be saved separately and then mixed into a master set. Hence, you can have a virtually endless variety of combinations to use. Plus, Sonic Lens technology  allows creators to hone in on “specific audio cues, such as the quietest footsteps of an opponent amid chaos, or the roar of a race car coming up fast from behind you.”

The download portal for these unique “master” audio mixes will be located on the Turtle Beach website.  Of course, a social networking interface will also be included into this area.  However, publishers can also put the files onto their game’s website  too.  Qualified & interested developers can receive the PX5 Advanced Sound Editor for free.

“The PX5 Advanced Sound Editor is a unique tool that further enhances the already formidable PX5 headset, by offering a dynamic platform for game developers to further connect with fans and give them unique customized audio experiences far beyond what has previously been possible.” said Michael Arzt, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Turtle Beach. “The response from the development community has been incredible and we’re thrilled that Visceral Games is excited, and among the first shops to create for the PX5 community with their amazing custom presets for Dead Space 2.”

“Audio is a core component to the Dead Space experience and the PX5 really strengthens that,” said Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer Dead Space 2. “After creating the custom presets, it helped amplify every subtle sound in the game so when I put on the headsets while playing Dead Space 2, I felt even more immersed in the horrific game world we created. After all, hearing is believing.”

In list form, here are the other benefits of using this headset {info provided by Turtle Beach}:

·  Sonic Lens technology allows the developer to emphasize or magnify specific audio cues or effects in game by frequency

·  Independent multi-band EQ on the mic, chat and game channels allows developers to change the frequency response of the game sound

·  Sound Field Expander processing creates a wider audio soundscape

·  Blast Limiter allows developers to turn up the game volume to focus in on subtle sound without simultaneously increasing loud level sounds

·  Independent noise gates on the mic, game and chat channels filter out undesired noise to allow for true silence

· The PX5 Advanced Sound Editor is a standalone, Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible software product that has no impact upon game software code.

·  All preset files are stored either in the headset or locally on the users’ PC.

These downloads will only be available on the PX5 Programmable Wireless Dolby Surround Sound headset (http://www.turtlebeach.com/PX5).  This headset can be used on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC via Bluetooth.  Currently, it is available for preorder.

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