Robotic exoskeleton may lead to gamings future


In the recent Cybernics international forum 2011, a new kind of man-machine apparatus was unveiled. This apparatus is labeled HAL.

Created by the Cyberdyne group, it is designed to assist human movement as a kind of power-suit. It works by reading the feint electrical systems employed by the nervous system and moves in accordance to the users movements. The applications of this device are numerous and include things like: lifting, leg-based movements, GAMING INPUT and other awesome abilities. Developed in Japan with lead researcher Professor Sankai at the helm, the device was primarily created with medical research in mind but the applications that this device offers us is enormous.

“To make this system really useful in society, rather than being just a research device, we’ve teamed up with professionals, including physicians and physiotherapists. In this way, we’ve started to tackle areas that were previously considered difficult. Next, we intend to utilize the special technologies created in these areas to develop sensors for health management. We’d also like to utilize technologies for observing human movement and behavior to monitor people’s safety in the home. So at this stage, we’re creating technologies that encompass everything from neurology to the human body and living spaces.”

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