Mortal Kombat demo available to all on PSN

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For anyone who has been waiting for the much anticipated 9th Mortal Kombat, the demo is now available on the Playstation network. Starting last week the demo was made available exclusively to those members who had subscribed to the PSN Plus service, and as of today it has been released for the masses (the masses of PS3 owners that is). The demo has yet to be dated for a release on Xbox Live, so Xbox players will need to wait until a bit closer to the mid-April release date.

This comes right after the news that Warner Bros appeals to the Australian ratings board had been overturned, meaning that the newest Mortal Kombat will be effectively banned down under. For those gamers in the rest of the world however, the demo offers a  single player tournament mode with characters Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Mileena, and Johnny Cage available. Once you reach Goro in the tournament ladder, unfortunately, you’re only teased with the phrase “The Kombat Kontinues” and sent back to the menu. I would recommend taking this opportunity to start learning these characters’ special moves and fatalities before taking on your friends in a month or so. I personally like Sub-Zero’s “Have an Ice Day” myself.

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