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If you havent already seen the previous post written by Travis, there is currently a law suit involving electronics giants Sony and LG with claims from LG that Sony are infringing on patent laws by using what they say is technology owned and patented by them within there PS3 Blu ray drives. In late February temporary injunctions were placed on the importation of PS3 consoles across Europe with some 300000 consoles impounded and  LG  pressing for similar actions to be taken in the United States.

Latest rulings have seen these decisions overturned and Sony has confirmed that they are again shipping PS3 consoles across Europe. Unfortunately for LG they have been hit with large damage claims and Sony’s legal bill to pay. While their consoles may be on the way to homes across Europe, Sony will still have defend these claims in court and could be ordered to pay royalties including back pay for consoles already sold since its launch.

It is quite an important case regarding property and patent laws and also allows Sony to concentrate on other legal issues such as similar charges against LG for use of what Sony say is their technology within LG mobile phones.

Heres hoping they can sort it out asap and continue to ship there much loved  products to all of  there fans and consumers worldwide maybe even sharing there technology with each other.

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