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Video of the ‘Art of Yars’ for Yars’ Revenge

A new video has been uncovered entitled the ‘Art of Yars’, and features one of the game’s developers giving you a rundown of what to expect in Yars’ revenge, the background behind the rebirth, and interesting look at plenty of concept art in a slideshow-esque manner. The concept art is particularly nice to behold, as it shows the illustrators and designers imaginings of the game world before it was transfarred onto the screen.

Some of you may not know this purely because it’s so ancient, but Yars’ Revenge is in fact a remake of an old Atari 2600 title, or if the word ‘remake’ is too strong, then at the very least a HD realisation of the game. True to their heritage, Atari are fronting this game’s release, and will be releasing it on XBLA and PSN this Spring.

Jack Joly
Jack Joly
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