R.U.S.E DLC now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

R.U.S.E. has received another injection of DLC goodness and it is now available from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The DLC called, ‘The Pack of the Rising Sun’, introduces the Japanese Army with 28 new units and 3 exclusive new operations where you play as the Imperial Japanese Army.

The Japanese have cheap production costs, have pack pack flamethrower units to burn enemies out into the open. Zero fighter planes can patrol the skies and the Shinden place a menacing shadow over the battlefield with four 30mm cannons ready to kill anyone who opposes them. There is also prototypes like the AOV recon and the Ha-To long-range gun to take out your enemies from a distance.

Details of the three new operations for The Pack of the Rising Sun are below:

  • Gold For The Brave: In this fictional challenge, gamers will play with the Kentucky National Guard, protecting the Fort Knox Federal Reserve gold until reinforcements from the 1st Armored Division arrive.
  • Ostfriesland: In this challenge, players will lead a Japanese strike force in Germany. Their objective will be to prevent the British XIIth corp. from establishing a bridgehead into their defense line. Gamers will be able to use infantry, artillery, armored forces as well as prototype weapons, but will have a limited aircraft.
  • For Honour: in this challenge, take command of a renegade division of the Imperial Air Force who refuse to lay down arms and decide to join the Japanese garrison in a desperate and hopeless fight on the island of Java. All around, US, British and Soviet forces are gathering for the ultimate offensive…

You can add it to your xbox 360 download queue here for the small price of 800MSP