Nintendo Officially Announces Last shipment of Super Mario All Stars Collection…

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Last week, we brought you news that retailers have began listing what was thought to be a reprint of the very limited Super Mario All Stars Collection for the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo have now announced that it will be getting a re-release, but Nintendo have made it very clear that this will be just as limited as this last batch of copies will in fact be the final shipment for the game.

The collection, which features a direct port of Super Mario All Stars as well as a soundtrack & Super Mario History booklet will be released at $29.99 on March 13th. Since this “final shipment” is limited, those who missed out of the first batch should definitely go ahead and pre-order early, as once these are gone that is pretty much it. There isn’t much word out on how large this last shipment may be, but I would expect it to be in the single digits like last time for stores selling retail copies.

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