New de Blob 2 trailer Sheds color on a Sinister plot…

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Comrade Black is back again and up to his old antics in de Blob 2. A new trailer released today from THQ shows a cheerful look on an uprising against the colorless tyrant that players will experience during the story of the game. de Blob 2 is honestly looking like a nice, refreshing breath of fresh air compared to the much darker titles on consoles we have seen in the past year, so I must say if this title hasn’t been on your radar, it may be time to give this game a second look.

With all of the buzz surrounding de Blob 2, the most interesting thing to myself is how the Playstation Move along with the 3D aspects (which will be on the PS3 AND the Xbox 360 versions) will play into the title itself. You can check out the trailer in full below, and de Blob 2 will release next Tuesday, the 22nd in the states and on the 24th for the AU, and 25 for Europe on the Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.

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