Duty Calls – The next generation of modern war FPS


It’s no secret that Call of Duty is an incredibly successful game.  After all, why wouldn’t it be?  It has extremely innovative and compelling multiplayer, quite possibly one of the BEST campaigns in the history of video games, there are NO other games even remotely similar and the story rivals that of Avatar.  Hell, even if you didn’t know that Call of Duty was great, surely you can assume based on the price of it’s map packs.  $15 for 3 old maps, man they must be high quality!

Up until now, no other game or franchise has come close to dethroning what is in all probability the greatest game to ever be made.  However, one development studio dares to dream.  Check out the game’s official site for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the game that will end the Call of Duty franchise, Duty Calls.

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