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A cacophony of accents bring you this weeks podcast.  From Texas to Australia and Chicago to Colorado, Dustin, Phil, Travis, Jed and Link (aka Ben) bring you the latest gaming news and reviews in the video game world.  The other voice on the podcast belongs to Dylan.  Since we don’t really know where he comes from, his special accent is all his own.

Listen in as we talk about the “worst game in the world.”  Also discussed is the sublime Nintendo 3DS and the amazing Little Big Planet 2.  Stick around for the entire show.  You never know what sur-Prizes might happen.

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List of links to the articles we mentioned in the podcast:

Call of Juarez- The Cartel:

Fox deems Bulletstorm “the worst game in the world”:

Resistance 3 competition:

Nintendo 3DS – Phil and Link play the newest portable!:
The 3rd Birthday

Prince of Persia Trilogy:

Test Drive Unlimited 2:
Razer Naga Epic – Elite Gaming Mouse Review

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