Buy a copy of Pokémon Black or White early and get a chance to catch Victini

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Nintendo has made it clear that they want fans of the Pokémon series to jump at their earliest possible chance to pick up Pokémon Black and White, and now they are doing it by offering even more incentive to early buyers. For those who pick up the game between it’s release date of March 6th and April 10th they will receive a Liberty Pass if they use the Wi-Fi system to connect to the network.

This Liberty Pass will allow players the chance to capture Victini, whom is called a Victory Pokémon by Nintendo and is the very first Pokémon to ever feature a Fire and Psychic-type put together. Victini will not be able to be captured through normal gameplay, so if you want him/her you will need to buy the game early or find a good friend to trade with. Plus it will also have an accuracy boosting ability which will raise the accuracy of every Pokémon in your party which will be very useful considering some battles will have three of your fighters out at one time. There is additional information on Victini on Nintendo’s website here.

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