Puzzle Bobble Universe Coming to Nintendo 3DS

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“PUZZLE BOBBLE UNIVERSE sees brothers Bub and Bob facing more bubble trouble as they stumble across an unmanned spaceship and a distant cry for help.  Unknown to the dinosaur duo, several surrounding planets have “doors” in their vicinity which have been opened, releasing floods of bubbles that are rapidly turning into hazardous space-debris.  With Bob captured by the Boss, Bub must act fast to ensure the future safety of all the planets and their inhabitants.”

Square Enix has announced its next Puzzle Bobble game, and that excerpt above does a fairly good job at summing up a new story for this dinosaur duo.

Since this new Puzzle Bobble game will be on the 3DS some bonus features that incorporate the 3D effect are being implemented. Some of the details on the features of this game are listed below:

  • The legendary puzzle game PUZZLE BOBBLE comes full speed to the Nintendo 3DS
  • Experience an all-new feeling of depth only made possible by the 3DS
  • All-new features including Challenge Mode and a trophy system
  • Two Game Modes
  • Puzzle Mode
    • The player travels around 8 different worlds to rescue friends. Each world contains 10+1 stages for a total of 88 stages in the entire game
  • Challenge Mode
    • The player can choose from a selection of challenge modes including Non-Stop Bubbles, and timed games where the player must burst as many bubbles as possible in 100 and 300 seconds.
  • Gimmick Bubbles
    • Dramatic visual effects on a screen with depth have been added to the well-received traditional puzzle elements where the player tries to put colorful bubbles together to make them disappear!

Bubble Bobble Universe is sure to satisfy the Bubble Bobble fans out there, and the 3D features can only add more to the enjoyment.

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