MotoHeroz trailer shows game in action

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RedLynx have released the first trailer for the game, showing the game up and running. It is lovely to see the game in motion as, prior to this, we’ve only had static screenshots which haven’t given a great deal away. But now, seeing it run so fluidly only stengthens the suggestion that it will be able to be said in the same breath as the incredible Trials HD which also came from RedLynx. MotoHeroz looks set to be another cracking experience of much the same as you navigate your way through the levels on your vehicle, just like on Trials HD, only this time you’ve got the bonus of up to 4-player co-op.

One of the things that may hit you as you watch trailer is the sound. This is because it features music from the  critically acclaimed composer Petri Alanko, which is looking like just one more reason to buy this game when it is released on WiiWare this year.

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