Late night gaming sessions hurting your eyes?


I recently stumbled across this nifty little program that aims to help alleviate sore eyes from staring at a bright screen into the wee hours of the night and/or morning.  The program, called F.lux, is very minimalist.  There aren’t tons of options or settings you need to toggle, simply input your zip code/longitude+latitude (google will tell you) and what kind of lights you have on at certain times of the day and voila, you’re done fiddling with the program.  From there it will automatically dim and brighten your computer screen based on how you dictate.  At first it might seem like a noticeable change but after a while you won’t even notice it.  Pretty nifty as I know my eyes sometimes get sore late at night due to my laptop screen.

Try it out, takes a second to install and it might actually help you.

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