EA’s awesome 2011 line up

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EA has had some great games and has had some great years but this year looks better then ever, the first four titles are already tempting but how much more does EA have to offer?  

  • 18/1/2011 Mass Effect 2: (ps3) Biowares extremely popular Xbox 360 and PC exclusive series comes to ps3 or at least the second installment but packed with a bit of bonus DLC and it runs on the same engine as the next installment! If you haven’t already got it on Xbox then this should already be a must buy.


  • 28/1/2011 Dead Space 2: (Xbox 360, Ps3, PC) The first game was great and the promise for the second game is multiplayer along with a whole new story that continues the already great story of the original Dead Space, at least download the demo and give it a go.


  • 22/2/2011 Bulletstorm: (Xbox 360, Ps3, PC) This game didnt look like a game I would get but then I learnt a little more, this lets you kick butt (literally) and many other things. I think this game will be a standout title but see for yourself, just check the ESRB rating until the demo is released.
  • 25/3/2011 Crysis 2: (Xbox 360, Ps3, PC) the first game was notorious for its high system requirements for the different settings, so high in fact, that it was only found on high end pcs. The first game was surprisingly more then a pretty face, the combat was fun and challenging, I hope this game retains the same fast paced combat but tweaked to perfection.
  • March/2011 Rango: (DS, Ps3, Wii, Xbox 360) Another game made from a film. The movie is voiced by Johnny Depp and is the tale of a chameleon who becomes some kind of hero. If the past has taught as anything is that great games made as a tie in of a recent film are extremely rare. Hopefully this one will be different but the verdict is still out on this upcoming title.
  • 29/3/2011 Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters: For those of you who don’t know, the masters is a golf tournament and one of the biggest. Considering the last game won the award of the best individual sports game at the Spike video game awards and this game boast more upgrades, also notable is that Ps3 users have move surport.
  • Q1/2011 Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath: (Ps3) Does anyone else remember any of the Oddworld games? This is a remake of the classic game that shares the title for Ps3, expect a lot more news to come but no release date has been set and if we are unlucky this is just an update to the graphics but it could be a must have game for Ps3 owners.
  • Q1/2011 SHIFT2 Unleashed: (PC, Ps3, Xbox360) A sequel to Need for Speed: Shift could make a nice addition to your collection, expect a lot more news to come.


  • 21/4/2011 Portal 2: This game is to anyone who played through the first Portal game a must, and if valve was serious when it said that portal was just an experiment rather then a full game and that this is a real game then I strongly advise picking up this game as soon as you can. The original game, for those of you who haven’t played it, was a single player game that used a portal gun to create puzzles that blew the minds of many people and this time around there is co-op.


  • Spring 2011 Wildlife: Forest Survival: (Ps3, Xbox 360) In most games you play as a human, in Wildlife: Forest Survival you don’t, instead you can play as one of four animals in a forest. This game seems a bit ambitious but if the controls are fun and the rest of this game works then it will definitely be among the games you remember from 2011. The four animals you play as are: a rabbit, fox, hawk and gator, the best bit is that this game features PvP multiplayer.
  • Christmas 2011 Mass Effect 3: (PC,Ps3,Xbox360) When Mass Effect 2 came out, some people weren’t happy with the huge yet subtle changes and for some those were the selling points of the game, with the way the series is going this game could be even more RPG lite but could be even bigger and better then it’s predecessor but is the last game in the series.
  • 29/12/2011 Microbots: (Ps3, Xbox 360) Microbots has some very nice ideas, you play as a robot that is a small as a body cell that is killing diseases in the body, the human body. The levels are said to be dynamic which could potentially be a feature that makes this game a gem or this game could just be great or just mediocre depending how this feature and others are used to make this game different to other games of this kind. It will be on the PSN and Xbox live arcade.
  • 2011 Alice: Madness Returns: (PC, Ps3, Xbox 360) EA has yet another sequel, this game is the sequel to American McGee’s Alice, a darker reimagining of Alice in Wonderland. Expect more details to come but this game is unlikely to be a huge success that you find in almost every house but has fans from the original 2000 game so it will meet an audience.
  • 2011 Battlefield Play4free: (PC) This isn’t the only free to play Battlefield game there is, Battlefield Heroes is like the other games but features a micro transactional system and an art style that is slightly reminiscent of Team Fortress 2. As this game is set to be realistic in appearance, my prediction is that it will be very simular to Battlefield Heroes but it might be completely different within the restrictions of a battlefield game offcourse.


  • 2011 Darkspore: (PC) Spore suffered heavily from high expectations but Darkspore seems like a great new approach to the series. The title says it all, this game is NOT spore but instead a darker version of the basic idea, this game is actually an RPG that sees you collecting creatures and upgrades for them but doesn’t allow the same customization as Spore, you control a team of creatures and use their abilities in a top down view to collect loot and progress in the game. It looks promising and could be a great RPG or not very good at all, my bet is that it will be a fun RPG that will have much success.
  • Spring 2011 Fancy Pants Adventures: (Xbox360, Ps3) I have played the original version of this game, the flash version. It is a fun and imaginative game that you should try online, I don’t know what will be changed to merit this game a place on the Xbox live Arcade or the PSN, it could be the same game that is now on the internet or it could be a really good version that has had content added to it to earn what ever price it will be at, if it does that then it will be a great game but for now try the flash one here.
  • 2011 Gatling Gears: (PC, Ps3, Xbox 360) Gatling gears is a top down, dual analogue shooter which many of you may not know what that means. In this top down game you use one analogue stick to move and the other to aim. This game will appear on the PSN and Xbox live arcade, it has yet to announce any information that will really excite us but it is still a while off release


  • Fall 2011 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: (PC, Ps3, Xbox 360) The staff list of this game features some pretty sweet names including the person leading this games development, Ken Rolston, lead designer of elder scrolls 3 and 4 which is pretty good considering this is also and open world RPG. The game is yet to display much of a reason to count down the days till it’s released though has boasted about having the standard stuff, “rich universe” “fluid controls”.  This game could be anything from just boringly generic to highly polished standout RPG action but with it’s staff it is unlikely to do horribly. I hope this game announces what it will bring to the genre otherwise it will have to rely on how well it can improve on gameplay from simular games.
  • 2011 The Sims 3: (3ds) I have no idea how this game will end up, the amount of ports of the classic PC series is astonishing, my biggest fear is that it will only be an update to the previous DS Sims games and it’s only great feature would then be the 3D but it might bring something new or be a better port then it’s predecessors.
  • 2011 The Sims 3: Outdoor Living Stuff: (PC, MAC) The Sims 2 had made “stuff” expansions but they weren’t major expansions, maybe there will be another take on the whole “stuff” expansion but if not then I hope this is a cheap expansion or pack a lot of stuff.
  • Summer 2011 WARP: (Ps3, PC, Xbox360) A PSN Xbox live arcade game that is a top down sci-fi stealth action game with puzzles, traps, a supposedly distinctive art style and levels it claims to be addicting. This game sounds like it has the basis to be good fun but I don’t yet know enough to say how well it could go.

Those are EA’s games for this year, which ones have got you excited? 

board games? more like bored games.

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