Dead or Alive Dimensions to feature Metroid cameo

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With the big reveals at Nintendo’s 3DS convention today we’ve seen plenty of new videos and new information regarding the 3DS and its games. But one thing that many players weren’t expecting was a cameo appearance of Metroid in Tecmo Koei’s Dead or Alive Dimensions. They’ve let this little cameo go unspoken in the past, but now it is in the limelight. This is quite obviously taking advantage of the fact that Team Ninja worked on Metroid: Other M last year and now they have put together a Metroid stage featuring Ridley and even a quick appearance of Samus Aran.

Also it appears that simply getting knocked off of this stage will result in your character losing well over a quarter of their health bar. But beyond the little cameo appearances we also get a brand new gameplay video that shows many different characters from the well known franchise battling with one another. Catch both that video and the one with Samus below. Now who thinks that Samus herself may become a playable fighter in Dead or Alive Dimensions?

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